Mikaela Worth - PHR Ambassador Mikaela Worth - PHR Ambassador Mikaela Worth - PHR Ambassador Mikaela Worth - PHR Ambassador Mikaela Worth - PHR Ambassador

"Hi I am Mikaela and I am a Grade 1 (walk only) Para Dressage rider. My warm blood  mare Phorcefields Rapunzel or Rappa for short and I have been a partnership since just before Valentine‚Äôs Day 2015 (pretty amazing present to myself) and although like any partnerships we have our differences of opinions from time to time she is the best horse i have ever owned and taught me so much.

In the years we have worked together we have gone from competing in Riding for the Disabled(RDA) events to the addition of open Para Equestrian competition. Our main discipline in Dressage though once two twice a year we participate in our RDA Gymkhana which sees us do my equivalent of Show jumping, Prix Caprilli and Le Trec. Riding for me means I am able to do something that not everybody else  can and for the most part have a better walk on four legs as opposed to my own two feet and Rappa understands this time and time again. 

Our goals for 2019 are to get back out into the Dressage arena on a more regular basis following an accident which halted our riding for a while and just further developing our partnership. I am very honoured to have been chosen as a 2019 Ambassador and the first Para Equestrian representative for Petite Horse & Rider and look forward to promoting a local business with a unique style and comfortable equestrian wear that can endure what we do and work with my Cerebral Palsy quirks. 

Thank you Petite Horse & Rider for this opportunity and team Rappa who enables me to get out and about and do what I love."