SARAH O'CONNOR - Team Rider Spotlight

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SARAH O'CONNOR - Team Rider Spotlight

SARAH O'CONNOR - Team Rider Spotlight



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Sarah O'Connor is in her second year of Ambassadorship with PHR. Sarah and her horse Jasper are from the Mid North Coast of NSW.

​We asked 20 questions... read on for the answers!


Sarah O'Connor - PHR Ambassador


1. What 3 words would you use to describe being a PHR Ambassador? "Inspiring, unforgettable experience."

2. Your most over used words? "'HAHAHA' or 'oath' or 'the ghetto'."

3. What celebrity do people think you look like? "They don’t say I look like her, but people always associate me or ask me about Sarah Connor from the terminator."

4. Most exhilarating riding moment? "Finishing my first EVA80 track, going through the flags double clear with my best friend!"

5. Which is the most challenging horse you’ve ridden and why? "Definitely Jasper! He is not an easy horse to ride and we have come so far to get where we are today."

6. Which chore do you hate the most? "Doing the dishes."  Sarah and Jasper

7. What is the best place you've travelled to? "I love Tasmania!!"

8. How did you first learn about PHR? "Through an ambassador, like myself! At an event; I’m so grateful that I can now give others that opportunity."

9. The last experience that made me a stronger person? "When someone dear to me left me."

11. What is your hidden talent? "Arguing! I have been on my school debate since I was in year 4."

12. My approach to training my horses? "I am extremely lucky to have an incredible coach on my side, but patience, forgiveness and understanding are my three main goals and focus points!"

13. If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you’d do? "Put most of it in savings and give the rest to Leukaemia foundation."

14. Your least favourite food? "Brussel sprouts!"   Sarah and Jasper

15. Three words that describe me? "Loud, determined and outgoing."

16. My greatest strength as a rider? "This is a hard one as it can be both my greatest strength and my greatest weakness. But I have a large aspiration and determination to always be my best, to be a proactive rider and to achieve the top. I believe this has helped me with where I am today but can also be a setback if it becomes too much of who I am."

17. If you could be any fictional character who would you be? "Kelly Jenkins from Flicka 3."

18. Absolute favourite PHR outfit? "I would never be able to pick just one as they are separately unique and amazing, they just can’t be compared!"

19. If I could witness any historical event it would be? "The first Badminton Horse Trials!"

20. The best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? “The ones that mind don’t matter, and the ones that matter don’t mind!”

Sarah O'Connor - NSW Ambassador

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