2018 Petite Horse & Rider Ambassadors

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We love testing our products!  But the ultimate test is up to our team of sponsored riders, ambassadors and ponies from different disciplines.

These awesome peeps are part of the PHR family, are talented dedicated riders and ponies, and love our stuff just as much as we do! They use our products both at competitions and for everyday riding. They ride in it, feed in it, haul water in it. They groom in it, eat in it, travel in it, get sweaty and dirty in it. To put it simply - they really test it out!

You can follow the adventures of our Ambassadors on our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.

Read on to learn more about our 2018 team...



Our Sponsored Rider, Karen Mitchell from the NSW North Coast:

"I have two beautiful horses I compete: "Black Jack", a black thoroughbred off the track, trained by me to 1 Star level in Eventing, and "Barney", my young horse who is showing great promise. He is by Lots Of Stanza and out of a Kinnordy mare by Gymnastik Star.

I am extremely honoured to have been selected as the first PHR sponsored rider. I am proud to be able to wear outfits which really are so comfortable and so well designed for their given tasks.

I hope to prove my worth as a rider this year - keeping Jack going in the good form of last year, and bringing Barney on - hopefully to reach Prenovice towards the end of the year (staying in dressage arenas would be handy).

It's easy to promote PHR clothing as it wears well and really is so comfortable. The chance to have beautiful shirts made to suit any rider is fabulous and so affordable.

I have been riding for 40 years and to be lucky enough at this stage in my riding career to be sponsored - it really is an honour and I'm very proud to represent Petite Horse & Rider."


"I am 17 and from the Central Coast (NSW). I own two ponies who I've been competing on for the last few years.
Sandy was my first pony, standing at only 12.3hh. She is a little speed demon! Always placing at comps and having competed training rounds up to 95cm easily.
Harry is my other pony at 14.1hh, who I have owned since he was 2. He originally came from the RSPCA. He is now 4 and is such a cool dude, I can't wait to get him out more!
PHR interested me because I have constantly had issues with ill fitting gear for both myself and my ponies - too big and long and just doesn't fit right - so finding somewhere with gear targeted towards this issue was really exciting!
In 2018 I am excited to continue competing and hopefully add another horse to the crew!"

"I primarily compete in Eventing with my horse Maximus Almighty. He has recently started competing at Prelim level and went double clear in his most recent start.

I enjoy bringing on young horses and fulfilling their potential, and I have got an exciting three year old Eventing prospect to follow in Maximus’s footsteps.

My goals are to keep bringing on young horses through the grades.

When you reach for the stars you may not quite get one, but you won't come up with a handful of mud either."
"Who am I: I am a teenage girl that loves competing and travelling across Australia with my family and horses (and Todd & Jack the dogs).

Horses:  I have three beautiful geldings, Wally, King and Zac (aka Galactic Star). Wally is my easy going quarter horse, King is my horse that i play and try new things with. Zac is my heart horse; every time I sit on his back he inspires me to ride my best.

Areas of competition: Showjumping, eventing, and dressage

My favourite quote: “Success isn’t always ‘greatness,’ it’s about consistency. Consistent, hard work gains success. Greatness will come.” – Dwayne Johnson aka the Rock

Goals for the year to come: Although winning is nice, if my horses and I are both trying our best and improving out on the circuit, that is all I can ask for."




"I am a qualified coach and enjoy working with both children and adults to help them achieve their riding goals. I also train and compete in dressage and hacking, along with running a small galloway/performance pony stud in North East Victoria.

I began breeding my own horses in frustration at the lack of good quality smaller horses for riders who do not want to ride huge warmbloods or hot thoroughbreds, but want the rideability, trainability and movement to be able to be competitive in the Olympic discipline. I also wanted to be able to offer children an option when moving from their first pony, before having to go onto the big hack.

I currently compete my home bred Galloway Kareela Kalemihra, and also have my stallion Kareela Shirkahn along with a lovely WB mare and her colt foal. I love dressage, and also enjoy showing (especially with my young horses for exposure). I have spent the best part of 20 years training in these areas, with many different coaches. 

I am excited to become part of the PHR family for 2018, and look forward to being able to work with such a passionate team of like-minded people!"




"Hi, my name is Emily Haines, an eventer and showjumper from Cockatoo Valley in South Australia. I own two ponies, Rhesa Elisha (Ellie) and Butterfly Hill Kokoda (Koda).

Ellie is a 13.2hh Australian Pony, also my partner in competition. We regularly compete in eventing and showjumping. Ellie is a pocket rocket jumper and is currently competing grade 3/intro eventing, easily training for a grade 2/prelim start and 80-100cm showjumping with wins and placings in both. Koda is a 14.1hh Haflinger cross, recently started under saddle and coming along well with his training.

When I first heard of Petite Horse & Rider, I was so excited to order my first products that would fit both myself and Ellie! I’m used to wearing baggy breeches and child sized shirts, now thanks to Petite Horse & Rider, I am able to use apparel and tack that fits and looks elegant!"




Local Junior Ambassador:

"I am 15 years old and currently compete on 4 horses in the disciplines of showjumping, dressage, show riding and pony club. I have been riding since I was 5. Big competitions for 2018 are Sydney Royal Easter Show, Zone pony club competitions, hopefully qualifying for state in 2019. I am aiming to compete at a higher level in showjumping and dressage in 2018.
Horses: William (Extreme Ayre) 17hh Thoroughbred that I compete in Showjumping and Show riding, hopefully competing at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in 2018.
Smoothie (Clairvale Tiger Charm) 15.2hh Stock horse that I compete in most disiplines, from pony club to dressage and showriding.
Monty (Montache) 14hh pony I compete in dressage but hoping to compete in show riding in 2018.
Bobby (Clairvale Tiger Bobby) 14.3hh Stock horse that I compete in stock horse competitions, jumping and pony club.
The first time I saw PHR apparel was at a dressage competition. A current ambassador was wearing a shirt that caught my eye straight away and I absolutely loved it. I then went on to buy my own outfit and I couldn't believe how comfortable and stylish it was."

Local Junior Ambassador:

"Hey I'm Hannah, I'm 14 years old. I'm one of the 2018 Junior Ambassadors. I love the unique designs that PHR produces and I love how it's an out there style but still classy and professional!
I'm out competing most weekends at showjumping days on Felix. I also compete in many other disciplines such as pony club, dressage days, eventing and local shows.
I recently got an off the track thoroughbred called Nic and I'm hoping to re-educate him and give him a fresh start.
I have a big passion for horses and I have lots of goals for both Felix and Nic and I hope to reach them."

Local Junior Ambassador:

"Hey I'm Nicola, I'm 14 years old and I'm one of the 2018 PHR Junior Ambassadors. I'm out and about competing just about every week with my two lovely horses.
My main discipline is showjumping, with a bit of dressage here and there, and I'm starting to do a bit more eventing this year. I'm joined to Pony Club, so I've had a go at a variety of disciplines, with my favourite being showjumping.
From the beginning I always wanted to be an Ambassador for PHR as it is such a unique brand with stunning out there designs. As not many companies have the petite sizes along with eye drawing designs this golden opportunity to be a part of this lovely team could not be passed by."

"I’m an avid rider who loves Dressage, horses and spending time out in the fresh air with my favourite four and two legged friends.

I’m from a non-horsie family and begged for a horse for years before my parents relented and purchased my first horse... a chestnut mare!! Persistence paid off and we competed in PC, low level Dressage and showing as a junior in NSW prior to me taking a long break from riding to focus on uni and then my career.

I’ve been back in the saddle seriously for about 7 years now and, together with my equine partners, have focussed on schooling and competing in Dressage, as well as dabbling in Showjumping, eventing and trail/beach riding for fun.

I now have a super young WB mare, MP Flurtango (Dot), who I’m looking forward to getting out and about on the competition scene this year.

I’m proud to be a Petite Horse & Rider Ambassador for 2018 and look forward to representing such a great quality, Australian brand here in Victoria."


"Hey I’m Zoe! I’m 16 years old and I compete in a wide variety of disciplines  including show jumping eventing, jumping equitation, dressage, and hacking. Show jumping is my main passion, and my little bay mare Jacquetta loves it as much as I do. My warmblood gelding Beau, is more inclined to excel in eventing and dressage whilst the smallest member of my team, Chilla, a 14.2hh palomino, is a gem in the hack ring, show jumping arena or anything you ask of him! I first saw the PHR brand at a competition, where I had the honour of meeting the wonderful person who designed these unique, beautiful and unforgettable styles of equestrian attire. Looking forward to what 2018 has to offer and to represent such a gorgeous brand as a Petite Horse and Rider ambassador!"





"Hi my name is Amy Matthews and I am 12 years old.  I have been riding for approximately 10 years starting at pony club at 2 ½ years old.  I have owned and ridden 4 horses over these years but I am currently riding and competing on my Leopard Appaloosa Gelding named Freckles (Limited Edition).  I have owned Freckles now for 2 years and in that time I have really excelled in my competitions, especially concentrating on showjumping which is my favourite discipline.  I also like to compete in Dressage and Eventing and at the moment am competing in Prelim Eventing and up to 1.05 in showjumping. 

I was first introduced to Petite Horse & Rider at Wingham ODE 2017  where I was looking for some nice attire to wear for the smaller rider.  I was introduced to Karen Mitchell (PHR Ambassador) and from then on followed the brand on Instagram.  I soon purchased some clothing and just loved it so much that when the opportunity arose to become an ambassador for the brand, I applied straight away. 

I am very excited to be representing PHR in 2018 and hope to be an asset to the team.  I am so looking forward to wearing and competing in this beautiful and unique clothing and spreading the word for PHR."




Local Ambassador:  Elli is a showjumper who competes with her two horses Fletcher Fuego (Fletch) and Pull My Strings (Banjo)

"In 2008 I went to Abu Dhabi where I joined the Abu Dhabi Equestrian Team and was lucky enough to be trained by a very experienced team of German instructors. Their passion was showjumping so I learnt the basics and when I came back home in 2010 purchased my first horse and continued my love of horses by joining the local Pony Club and competing wherever I could in the local area.

In 2018 I aim to progress into the top-level showjumping arena with my main man, 17.1h warmblood Fletch. I want to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to support this goal and respectfully place in these shows. I am very excited to see where this might lead me!

I came across PHR while out and about competing. I kept seeing other ladies wearing this new, unique style of clothing and knew I had to have some! At this point I knew I wanted to be an ambassador for Petite Horse & Rider because I can share this great product with others, especially because the product fits so well and is so comfortable and affordable to ride in. I look forward to the new styles in 2018."




"My name is Shannon Bourke, I'm 19 years old and I live in Stanthorpe Queensland. My passion is eventing with a bit of showjumping and hacking on the side. I work online which is how I found PHR. I saw the ambassador application and knew I had to apply because the clothing is so me!

I have three horses who I compete: a 16.3hh OTTB Vintage Dom (Occy), another OTTB called Sugar High Charlie Brown (Charlie), and a little 5yo quarab Matilda My Darlin, who is a petite herself. Eventing is definitely my favourite discipline. I love the adrenaline from cross country and the skill of dressage. Always something to learn!

I'm very excited to represent PHR and their stunning gear.

My motto is: Go for it, no matter how it ends it was an experience!"



PHR NSW Ambassador Hannah Thomas

"My family currently operate Macleay Showjumping and Performance Horses, a small agistment and training facility located on the picturesque King George V Avenue, in Tamworth NSW.

I am particularly interested in breeding and training of young horses, and aspects of both horse and property management.

I look forward to campaigning my mare, ‘She’s A Gem’ in official competition this year, after spending the last 12 months building a partnershipAccuracy and composure are qualities that I believe are pivotal in the showjumping ring, and that I am constantly striving for. I believe in the slow and careful development of my horses, so I try to make sure I always take my time and enjoy the ride!

I am feeling very privileged to be a part of the PHR team, and take a lot of pride in my competition presentation, and am thrilled that a company is finally catering for the fashion demands of petite statured equestrians!"