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About PHR

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Who we are & why we do what we do

PHR specialises in unique equestrian apparel in sizes 2-12. We also offer made to measure and custom design options for all sizes, and a limited range of tack for ponies.


Be bold and unique. Ride YOUR style.

Our brand aspires to provide our customers with unique and individual apparel, so we do not buy in bulk straight out of catalogues. All of our products are either designed by us, or carefully selected for their suitability to be tailored to fit our brand. We've worked hard to develop solid relationships with our dressmakers and manufacturers so that we can work closely together to tweak our designs and sizes to give you the best FIT we can! If you have trouble with the fit of your PHR products, we do of course offer a return/exchange service.

We love working with customers to create one-off custom made creations with our custom riding shirt service, and are now pleased to offer a made to measure service for riders after a more personalised fit. We provide riders of all shapes and sizes these services, and look forward to expanding our size range for stock on the shelf in the near future. Please contact us to collaborate on a custom creation, or for made to measure options.

We are Australian owned and proud to use our local designers, dressmakers, models, photographers, and test riders. We now reach and serve customers from every state of our awesome country, and always aim to put customer service first.

We have a wonderful team of Ambassadors working alongside us. You can follow their journey, and the development of PHR and our products on our socials: FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.


Owner Sarah loves being hands on every step of the way. From product design to fabric choice, customer service, sizing, quality checking, photography, labelling, marketing, packaging… …

Please feel free to call or email for advice or with any questions about products on the website. I am really keen to expand our range with products that our customers genuinely need and want, so if there is anything that you would like me to offer, please don't hesitate to touch base!

Happy Horsing!


Sarah Kiem Petite Horse & Rider Owner      Sarah Petite Horse & Rider Founder