Goosebump Enducing Stuff!

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Goosebump Enducing Stuff!

Goosebump Enducing Stuff!


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So this is posted long after the fact, but it deserves a mention in the PHR story... The samples of our original items arrived on the 19th January 2017, and I was very impatient waiting for the fitting day to arrive!


On a rainy Australia Day a small group of us got together. I was really excited about it, and naturally a bit nervous as well - so much about it was unknown - the sizing, the tailoring, the colour choices, the comfort factor... but thankfully I needn't have worried about the initial reactions.


Brown Silicone Grip Breeches Bethany Cotton Show Shirt Alexis Pretty Paisley Show Shirt Bethany Cotton Show Shirt White High Rise Breeches


It was honestly goosebump-enducing stuff seeing items that had started out as a sketch - actually more of a scribble - on scrap paper on my coffee table, made real and on a person. 


The fact that it fit near perfectly, looked so amazing and drew such positive initial reactions was even better! Of course there were some tweaks needed here and there (what are samples for, after all), but for the most part the apparel was ready to order.

Now the excitement was at a whole new level!







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