Amy is off to China! + her review of our Silico...

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Amy is off to China! + her review of our Silicone Grip Breeches

Amy is off to China! + her review of our Silicone Grip Breeches



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Amy Matthews is off to China! Plus she reviews our Silicone Grip Breeches...


Petite Horse & Rider Ambassador Amy MatthewsAmy riding Freckles

Amy is one of our Junior Ambassadors, located on the NSW North Coast. Amy was recently selected to travel to China to represent Pony Club Australia, so before we get into her product review, here is our mini interview with Amy about her trip...

Sarah: "So I'm here with Amy at Wingham ODE, in the PHR trade stand, recording this on my phone. It's great that you're competing here this weekend, it's given us the chance to have a chat about this exciting opportunity of yours! So firstly, congratulations!"

Amy: "Yeah thank you, and it's good to catch up."

Sarah: "Well, let's get some details. Where are you off to exactly?"

Amy: "I'm going to Ninjang, China."

Sarah: "And when are you going?"

Amy: "The 23rd of this month, May, until the 4th of June."

Sarah: "So that's a few weeks? Two weeks."

Amy: "Two weeks, yeah."

Sarah: "Awesome. How did it all come about?"

Amy: "So Pony Club Australia posted asking for applications from people 12, 13 and 14 and we just applied for it. As long as you'd been to State for Pony Club before, that was the level you needed to be at. And then you had to write lots of other stuff in too."

Sarah: "So it was a detailed application process?"

Amy: "Yeah, but it's not really about the level of riding you're at, it's more about how much you help around Pony Club and stuff like that."

Sarah: "Ok cool, that's really great. What Pony Club are you attached to?"

Amy: "Coffs Harbour Pony Club."

Sarah: "So what do you know about the trip so far?"

Amy: "We'll be riding horses in China, at their Pony Club, helping to show some of the skills we use in Pony Club here. I think we'll be doing a gymkhana and a little bit of jumping there. I'm not really sure of that much yet."

Sarah: "How are you feeling about going overseas and riding horses you've never seen before?"

Amy: "Um. Excited! I'm not really sure what it's going to be like but it's really exciting."

Sarah: "It sure is. Do you know anyone else that's going?"

Amy: "No, they're from all over. There's one from each state, I think two from NSW. But I don't know any of them."

Sarah: "Then it's also an opportunity to make some new friends."

Amy: "Yeah it is."

Sarah: "Well congratulations Amy! Thanks for meeting us for this quick chat, we wish you all the best over there. Have fun, and hopefully we can catch up again once you're home to hear all about it!"

Amy: "Yeah, thank you that sounds great."




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Our Silicone Grip Half-Seat Breeches are currently available in warm brown or rust in sizes 4-8 HERE.

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